Meiner Mött’s Lemonade

Meiner Mött's - Lemonade from family tradition

This idea behind Mött´s is quite similar to the history of Long Horn. Inherited by her sicialian nonna (grandmother), the likeable founder Katerina (41) used the recipe to create the tasty Meiner Mött´s lemonade.

It has to be mentioned, however, that Katerina is the founder of the label, but her daughter is the heart and soul behind the idea. The 16 years old Sophia came up with the idea, to not just share the unique and delicious taste of our lemonade with close friends and family members, but also with everybody who would like to have one. (Thanks Sophia!)

Although the combination of flavours originated from bella italia, the actual drink and business idea came together years later in Leipzig. Fruits and herbs such as parsley, basil, mint and balm make up the wonderful taste of our evening drink.


3 questions to Katerina Mansfeld from Meiner Mötts

How long have you been in Leipzig?

I moved from Berlin to Leipzig in the middle of the 90´s. Although I´m originally from the Czech Republic.

Why Leipzig?

I had fallen in love with the city and moving to Leipzig was an affair of the heart. What I like about the city of poets and philosophers is the open-mindedness of the people. Especially the friendly and adventurous culture which keeping the city young and open to the world.

Do you have an insider tipp in Leipzig?

The DankBar- a spot where real coffee-magicians are at work. There you get the best coffee in town.


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