Meiner Mött’s Lemonade

The recipe of the Meiner Mött's lemonade was handed on for three generations. Katerina (41) the likeable founder of Meiner Mött's inherited the recipe of her Sicilian grandmother and still uses the same ingredients.

Although being the founder of the label, Katerinas daughter Sophia was the actual driving force and heart behind the name and business idea. With her then 16 years, Sophia had the idea to share the tasty lemonade not only with friends and neighbors, but with the general public as well. (Thank you Sophia!)

Although the combination of flavours originated in bella italia, drink and business idea did not come together until years later in Leipzig. Fruits and herbs such as parsley, basil, mint and balm make up the taste of the refreshing lemonade. We ourselves do quite enjoy it as an after work drink.

Quick questions to Katerina Mansfeld of Meiner Mött's

How long have you been in Leipzig?

I moved to Leipzig from Berlin in the middle of the 90's. Originally I'm from the Czech Republic.

Why Leipzig?

I have fallen in love with Leipzig so moving here was a matter of the heart. I love the open-mindedness of the people. The friendly and adventurous culture keeps the city young and cosmopolitan.

Your insider tip for Leipzig?

The DankBar- a spot where real coffee-magicians are at work. There you get the best coffee in town.

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