Long Horn Gin

Long Horn Gin from Bayerischen Bahnhof

In 1923, Wilhelm Horn founded his eponymous company and built his business despite the predominant inflation. He created a gin which now has become very popular. The handcrafted Lipsky Dry Gin is famous for an unique combination of flavours. In addition to the classical aroma of juniper berries, the Long Horn gin has a taste of coriander, lavender and lime blossom. Lime blossom, which played a crucial role in Leipzig´s origins of its name giving, plays an important role for the recipe. Long Horn Gin has had an eventful history: started the sale from an handcart, they have developed into a big brand in Leipzig with more than 46 branches nationwide In 2005, the family handed over the responsibility to the new founded Wilhelm Horn Markenspirituosen GmbH, which changed the location of production to the newly rebuilt Bayerischen Bahnhof. This change led to the connection of two historical institutions of Leipzig. Besides the Long Horn gin, the brewery creates well-known city brands like Echten Leipziger Allasch, Leipziger Kräuter Wilhelm and Gose.

“Horns Erben” is a term to all of those who are interested in readings, singer-songwriter music and jazz. The pub is located in Arndstrasse 3 a popular place of Leipzig nightlife and also a part of the legacy of Wilhelm Horn. The cellar of the building was originally used for brewing the gin, while the ground floor served as a shop. Affected by its long management of the family and various social and political revolutions, four students rediscovered the pub in 2005. With some help they renovated and rebuilt the historical glass front. Nowadays, the bar is managed voluntary by the Horns Erben Freunde e.V, which are happy about every customer who values the charming atmosphere.


3 questions to Lutz Thielemann, managing partner of Wilhelm Horn Markenspirituosen GmbH

Why Leipzig?

There is no alternative to Leipzig, because Wilhelm Horn founded his spirit – and liquor fabric here in Leipzig in 1923.

How long does Long Horn Handcrafted Lipsk Dry Gin exist?

Long Horn Gin was founded in 2016, so 93 years later, but it´s based on a traditional recipe of Horn from the 20´s. An exciting gin with flavors of juniper berries and a noble touch of lime blossom, that serves as a reference to the origin in Leipzig, which was called “Lipsk” for hundreds of years by Slavs.

Do you have an insider tip in Leipzig?

Our new HORNS winter herbs ELIXIER. An herb liqueur composition made of delicate flavours and extracts of winter spices, berries and fruits. It will be available by the middle of December. And those who have no Christmas gifts yet: Echter Leipziger Allasch is always a good idea.


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